Watch out for the documents to avoid troublesome things when buying a home

Do you want to buy a house? Here in this article we discuss which documents you need when buying a home to avoid difficult matters. Click here to see luxury apartments in lahore for rent.

Buying land and building a house on it is a dream of many of us. But buying a plot of land has become very difficult. Especially with the apparent corruption that comes with transactions, including the creation of forged documents. And the demand for half cash payment as well as in controversial cases of land sale. Therefore, if you are ready to buy a plot of land for sale to build your first home, we advise you to be thorough and careful.

In addition, the transactions and steps are very different from buying an apartment and therefore require a vigilant analysis before you go.

Buy plots for sale

In the big cities there is only a limited amount of land available, although in small towns or even on the outskirts of towns you can get a good piece of land. If you are planning to take out a loan, the land loan provided by the bank can be used to buy residential lots. Some banks have a clause requiring the buyer to start construction within six months of purchasing the plot. Therefore, we recommend that you plan your future training. You can get a personal loan, but it can be a bit expensive.

Study the following carefully:

The real estate industry in Pakistan often adheres to the laws that apply to it. Therefore, land buyers are advised to check the following factors carefully and even ask them to consult a lawyer before actually buying a plot of land for sale.

Bills and Income Taxes:

Again, go for the original documents and make sure all payments are made, otherwise it could lead to legal complications and additional future costs.

The title of the deed:

Make sure the document is in the seller’s name and that he has full authority to sell it. Insist that you look at the original documents and not just a copy of them.

Encumbrance Certificate

This document can be requested from the subregistration office where the document is registered. The country is reported to be free from legal troubles and unpaid fees.

In addition, you must also ensure that the land loans are repaid with a license from the bank. In addition, you will receive an appraisal of the property based on the exact size of the plot.


To purchase a plot of land for sale, the seller must present the following documents:

The ‘original land deed’ of the current owner is known as a 7/12 document and the previous owners with their names listed in the title deed.

For at least the last 30 years, a certificate from the office of a subsidiary registrar has been encumbered.

Certificate from the bank that the loan has been paid in full for the land.

Invoices relating to the land and original receipt of the property tax.

 The documents required by the Buyer include:

Stamp Duty Receipt: You can now register your land at the sub-registration office or add your name to the village administration records, if applicable.

Title deed upon transfer in the name of the buyer, signed by an authorized government official on documents.

Housing Approval Plan: State municipal law requires prior approval from a person who wants to start construction activities to build a new home or modify an existing one. In most states, the process is automatic and doesn’t take long.

Construction Cost Factors

The construction costs for the project include:

Contractor / architect fees

Labour costs

The cost of building materials.

Indoor equipment such as tiles, lighting fixtures, sanitary ware, etc.

These are the actual costs; however, the cost of the escalators depends on your choice; for example, on the construction plan, the materials needed to build a house differ depending on your project, the quality of the materials, etc. Sometimes it is better to pay extra during construction and carry out repairs and maintenance later .

Save ideas

Exceeding your budget plan is inevitable while building your own home, and there are sporadic unheard of cases where it hasn’t. However, you can use the following tricks to cut corners:

When building a home, going beyond your budget is inevitable, and there are very occasionally unheard of times that never happened. However, you can use the following techniques to cut corners:

Keep a simple construction plan and don’t make too many changes after construction has started.

Buy fixtures and materials and fixtures with a long-term savings perspective.

Choose products at low prices, even if you order them later.

Finally, get what you need, not what you want. Reducing costs is very important on your part because there are many unexpected costs involved. Staying as close to the original build plan as possible is the best way to complete a project early or on time. Click here to buy Buy Luxury Apartment in Lahore.

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