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The top activities to do here in Goa provide something for everyone, even if you are seeking for beachfront, parties, or heritage.

Are you willing to accept India’s party-state? Goa lives up to its name, squeezing the best nightlife in the country inside its boundaries with exhilarating nightclubs and much more bars than most of us can explore in a decade. Moreover, the indulgences of Panaji, Mormugao, as well as the others can be washed away on several of India’s most beautiful beaches Is there anything else wrong with that?

Of all, the southwestern state offers much greater than nightlife and beaches. History is active and well here, with vestiges of Hindu, Buddhist, Islamic, and Portuguese dynasties appearing in ageless architecture and delectable eateries around each turn.

The latter demands special emphasis, and Goa has established itself as India’s premier seafood destination. The notion that you really can consume it and then relax in a hammock seems to be the icing on the cake (although cherries with your shellfish is a bit strange). These were also the most enjoyable activities in Goa.

Falls of Dudhsagar

What exactly is it? With a height of 310 meters, Dudhsagar, which translates literally to “sea of milk,” is Goa’s tallest waterfall. The four-tiered, three-streamed geographical wonder is nestled underground inside the Western Ghat Mountains, not that far from the state’s Karnataka boundary.

Dudhsagar is one of South Country’s most popular hikes for moderate to intermediate or advanced hikers, as it has been nestled within lush woods rich in unusual flora and fauna. You can alternatively forego the hike and drive through the region to get a taste of Goan terrain further than the palm-lined beaches.


What exactly is it? The earliest of Goa’s well-preserved Portuguese districts is Fontainhas. It really is filled with little lanes that meander between colorful, Portuguese-style mansions dating from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and that it is an Unesco ’s world heritage site.

Why would anyone go? A trip throughout this neighborhood is a must-do while in Goa. The 1880-built Chapel of Saint Sebastian seems to be a great place to take a break, reflect, and take some Instagram-worthy photos.

Bom Jesus Basilica

What exactly is it? The Basilica of Bom Jesus, constructed in 1605, is one of Goa’s churches. It is very well known for housing the human bones of St. Francis Xavier, who is honored as that of the ‘Apostle of the Indes’ by Roman Catholics all over the globe.

Why would anyone go? It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site that serves as little more than a powerful reminder of Goa’s rich religious heritage. The basilica’s construction is especially well-known, with an exquisite high altar as well as several magnificently carved sculptures, doorways, and pillars. Inside is a contemporary art exhibition with around 30 artworks from the late twentieth century.

Spice Farm Sahakari

What exactly is it? This beautiful green estate stretched over 130 acres grows an astounding variety of spices, fruits, medical trees, and botanicals.

Why would anyone go? Sahakari is surrounded with apparently infinite columns of turmeric, cardamom, nutmeg, as well as cinnamon, and also a good selection of fruits like papaya and jackfruit. You will be able to read regarding their nutritive value and perhaps experience a very few. Finish your day with a tasty lunch prepared with the finest spices at the in-house cuisine.

 Arpora Saturday Night Bazaar

What exactly is it? Each Saturday evening at 6 p.m., this crowded street market begins to emerge. It is indeed essentially a big open-air party, featuring live entertainment and nightclubs contributing to the fun, as well as a slew of booths selling anything from cheap trinkets to clothing and accessories, handicraft, and finely ground spices.

Why would anyone go? Almost all of Goa’s leading boutique retailers, restaurants, and nightclubs offer their finest to you here, allowing you to taste a variety of vital Goan pleasures in one night. Drop by the Coconuts and Cheshire Cat kiosks buying artisan jewelry, shawarma from Thalassa or falafel from Janet & Johns, and end your evening at Boutique House Bar, which is situated inside this marketplace.

Cathedral of Se

What exactly is it? The Se Cathedral is regarded as Asia’s largest cathedral. It was also one of Goa’s earliest, having been there in operation from 1640, although building commenced about a couple of centuries ago.

Why would anyone go? With such a basic white façade and above expanses of well-kept green grass, it is one of Goa’s best calm and evocative churches. Because when the church had first been erected, it featured two towers, one of which crumbled in 1776 and the other about which houses the Golden Bell, a big bell.

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