The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

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Kashmir The Great Lakes Trek is one of India’s most popular treks and the most popular trek in Kashmir. Can you imagine a more magnificent combination than the spectacular splendor of five mountain lakes lapped in the dreamscape of Kashmir? The term Kashmir Great Lakes makes every trekker’s heart race, and with good reason!


 The Great Lakes of Kashmir Excursion is without a doubt the most picturesque, postcard-worthy trek we offer. This Himalayan Trekking trek passes through five alpine lakes, each as stunning as the next. Every day, the lakes follow one another, making each day equally interesting. Now increase all of that by five, and you have the Kashmir Great Lakes Trekking, where each day brings a new, magnificent lake to explore. What’s more, you get to observe these lakes as they are nourished by the snow-capped mountains. If you’re lucky, you could even catch a glimpse of an iceberg drifting across the lake’s immaculate blues and greens. The stunning, albeit distorted, reflections of the surrounding mountains on the lake’s surface are also worth seeing. Kashmir Great Lakes Trekking requires excellent fitness due to the challenging, undulating path.

Alpine Lakes:

Trekking Alpine Lakes in the Himalayas plunges into Kashmir’s lovely, lush meadows, each one contending for beauty with the other. Every day, a fresh meadow to discover. The walk is mainly a patchwork of varied terrains, from pine and maple bordering the meadows to the beautiful valleys of Kashmir. The wide Satsar Plains look spectacular on the fourth day of the walk as a bubbling brook flows through the middle. With elevation gains of up to 13,800 feet, the Kashmir great lakes trek is demanding and requires a strict fitness regimen. The more physically fit you are, the more you can accomplish.

Book your Kashmir Great Lakes trip in India with us if you’re looking for adventure and mountain treks. Now is the time to check out the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek guide and reviews. Visit our Kashmir Great Lakes Trek 2019 dates page to reserve your spot.

The Best Time To Visit The Great Lakes Of Kashmir

The greatest months for a Kashmir great lakes trip are July and August, when the floral colors and vegetation are at their peak. In June, the snow melts, leaving behind a vibrant carpet of color. During this time, the weather is also pretty good.

Kashmir’s temperature Trekking the Great Lakes

The temperature varies between 17 and 20 degrees Celsius during the day and 3 to 4 degrees Celsius at night.

We’ll start by mentioning that the Kashmir Great Lakes trip is one of India’s most beautiful, gorgeous, and pure treks. Sonamarg-Vishansar-Naranag Trip is a Himalayan trek in Kashmir Valley that is commercially renowned. Kashmir is a destination of unparalleled beauty, simplicity, and unspoiled landscape. It transforms into heaven on earth when combined with Kahwah tea, snow-capped mountains, glacier-fed rivers, blue-green lakes, apple orchards, and a rainbow of hues. Treks in Kashmir are not only a great way to push yourself and get in shape, but they can also help you discover your life’s purpose: the Kashmir Great Lakes trip is ideal for this.

Highlights of the Journey

Begin your adventure from Srinagar to Sonamarg by meeting other travelers.

Sonamarg acclimatization

A famous tabletop provides a 360-degree view of the Alps from the Valley of Nichnai.

Discover the art of camping.

In the presence of Pine and Maple trees, enjoy the lovely dawn and sunset.

In Bear Valley, you’re likely to observe bears, while in the Valley of Wildflowers, you’ll see a vast variety of flowers.

Valleys of Kishansar and Vishansar.

Cross a boulder stretch to reach the twin lakes in Gangabal Valley.

The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek takes you to a magnificent, never-before-seen aspect of Kashmir that evokes the term “Heaven on Earth.” This is the only Himalayan journey that includes three high altitude passes, five river valley crossings, and seven alpine lakes, each in a stunning shade of green, blue, or turquoise, all in an incredible 8-day period!

Every day, you are greeted with luxury that is limitless, grandiose, and achingly beautiful: infinite blue sky; larger-than-life panoramas of craggy mountains, colorful meadows abounding with wild flowers, river crossings, boulder jumping; the KGL journey spoils you for choice and how.

On most days, the path changes between ascents and descents, making it quite straightforward to follow. It climbs to a height of 4,206 meters. The main difficulty is developing the stamina required to accomplish the enormous distances (10 km or more) required each day.

The 69-kilometer trip is an ideal alternative for novices wishing to improve their Himalayan hiking skills. This path is also recommended for experienced hikers, not because of the difficulty, but because of the sheer beauty and grandeur it contains.

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