The Best Places to Raise a Family in Arkansas

Arkansas is a state that many forget about when considering where to move.  Although it’s an underdog in most peoples’ choices: it’s an awesome contender for anyone trying to make an exciting life change.

These are the best places to raise a family in Arkansas, and why you should consider moving out here soon! 

Why Raise a Family in Arkansas?

Raising a family in Arkansas ensures that you’ll be able to afford more land, give your children a childhood full of all of the seasons, fantastic museums, and endless fun and that you’ll get an awesome work-life balance.  If you’ve never been to Arkansas, you may not be sure what to expect, but this state is an incredible one-of-a-kind destination that’s good for the entire family.  Affordable living and a thriving job market are just the start of the countless ways this state will help you thrive.

These are the top cities to consider while you’re hunting for a home sweet home.


Known as the birthplace and home of the Walmart corporation, there’s more to Bentonville than just Walmart!  With a wonderful mix of old-school charm and tons of new entertainment and fun, you can get the best of both worlds while living here.  Beyond that, you can also enjoy showing your kids history by taking them through the Museum of Native American History or showing them the Scott Family Amazeium, which allows interactive learning for all.

Cave Springs

Cave Springs is full of lakes, rivers, and recreation areas that make camping and fun with family a natural part of life here.  If you’re aching for a great work-life balance, you won’t find one quite as balanced as this city.  Beyond that, Cave Springs has some of the most affordable housing on this list, which gives everyone the chance to afford a house.

Little Rock

Little Rock is possibly the most well-known city on this list, equal parts famous and infamous for its history in civil rights in America.  Little Rock is a great place to move if you want to ensure your kids remember history and are open to learning and growing as they age.  Although this can be slightly more expensive than others, it’s worth the cost to live here.  

What to Do Before Moving Out Here

If you’re planning on moving out to Arkansas, it’s vital that you’re as prepared as possible.  A large part of this includes working to create savings that can cover your entire family for at least three months.  This will ensure that if anything happens, you’ll have backup funds and wiggle room so you can get the job you want, instead of simply whatever job will take you the fastest.

It’s also a good idea that you research schools in each area and make sure when you’re looking at Little Rock houses for sale, you pick an educational system that will offer your kids the best education.

Arkansas is an Incredible State

Whether you’re from Arkansas or you’re considering moving for the first time: it’s important that you get to know these incredible cities.  You’ll fall in love with them and want to start a family in no time! 

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