The eyes are one of the most attractive parts of a face and play a major role in facial beauty. Studies have revealed that any change in the eye can affect the whole face and beauty. So, to look beautiful, your eyes must stay bright and good-looking. Several factors fade away the beauty of the eyes, like wrinkles, dark circles, eye bags, etc. Read our guide on what is THE BEST STARTER SET FOR BRIGHTER EYES.


Wrinkles on the tear trough appear on aging, which is one of the important things that make your face look old. Thus, to recover the youthfulness on your face, you must take measures to remove or decrease the presence of visible wrinkles under your eyes. Lancome’s best starter set contains the best anti-aging serum to help your eyes look brighter and youthful. 

All about Lancome Brighter eyes starter set

The brighter eyes starter set is a set of all the items necessary to keep your eyes bright and youthful. The eye care set includes the following items. 

Genifique eye cream 

Genifique eye creams are useful for reducing visible dark circles and smooth fine lines to a certain extent. It will hydrate the skin around your eyes and will provide a smoothness. You can apply this cream all over your face if necessary, as it is not just focused on (recovering youthfulness) the skin around your eyes. 

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Genifique light pearl eye and lash serum 

Genifique light pearly eye serum is an anti-aging serum designed with advanced technology and facility. The advanced Genifique light pearl eye serum has a bud-like structure for applying the serum all around your eyes. It is an advanced technology that avoids unnecessary wastage of eye serum, and you can easily focus on the tear trough. The Light pearl serum improves the dark circles, visibly reduces eye bags, reduces eye wrinkles and eye puffiness, and hydrates the skin. 

Lash serum, as its name suggests, is designed for application on eyelashes. It is a beauty product that makes eyelashes thicker and stronger so that your eyes look bright and beautiful. Genifique Lash serum is the best alternative for eyelash extension because it stimulates the lash hair follicles and increases their growth. 

Bi-FacilZ eye makeup remover

Bi-Facil eye makeup remover is an oil-based remover (also considered an eyewash) used to remove all kinds of eye makeup from the eyes. It can also effectively remove waterproof mascaras and eyeliners, so there is no need to keep a smoky eye look. Bi-Facil eye makeup remover is also suited for sensitive eyes and contact lenses, so there is no need to worry about anything, and you can use it freely. 

How are they used?

The Lancome Brighter eyes starter set can be applied two times, once before you apply your makeup in the morning and at night before sleep. Experts also recommend keeping the serum overnight for better results. Genifique light pearl eye serum is the best hydrating serum you can apply around the eye (including the tear trough) after cleaning your face (from makeup). You must massage the skin around your eyes for 1 to 2 minutes every time you use it (2 times a day). Like the light pearl eye serum, you can also apply the lash serum over the lashes to increase their growth. Genifique eye cream is a moisturizer you must apply to your skin after using the serum. By massaging this moisturizer cream, the skin will absorb the serum. It can be considered a cover for the serum so that the serum will not be vaporized easily and the skin will completely absorb it. Bi-Facil eye makeup remover can be used whenever necessary to remove the traces of the day (makeup). 

Why should you choose the Lancome best starter set for bright eyes?

As its name suggests, the Lancome Bright eyes starter set is one of the best eye care kits. Some of the important reasons why you should choose it are mentioned below. 

  • It is best suitable for sensitive eyes.
  • Offers quick results within a week.
  • Helps to protect and strengthen the skin. 

Even though there are numerous eye and skin serums and creams. You must choose the best one to get the best results. Lancome Bright eyes starter set kit contains the best serum, eye cream, lash serum, and Bi-facial eye makeup remover. Thus, it will be the perfect choice for your daily eye care routine.


It would be best if you kept your eyes bright and energetic because the entire facial beauty depends on them. With Lancome’s best starter set for bright eyes. You can reduce the visible wrinkles under your eyes, get rid of dark circles, increase your eyelash growth, etc. In the starter set, you will also receive a makeup remover. Thus, it is a complete set you can use for your daily eye care routine. In this article, you can find all the information regarding the bright eyes starter set and the complete guide for using the face serum and cream. 

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