Short Treks near Bangalore


1 Pattabhi Rama temple

Ramnagar is a village in Karnataka and is popularly named the Silk City because of its renowned silk demand. The model movie- Sholay was shot here on one of its cliffs Ramagiri cliff which is about 4 km from the townley. At the canopy of this cliff is the favored Pattabhi Rama temple, comprehended for existing as one of the most satisfactory small treks near Bangalore. The temple is committed to the Hindu – Lord Rama and was made during the Vijayanagar Empire.

In the Pattabhi Rama temple trekking near Bangalore, you can savor the unfamiliar picture of the seven surrounding cliffs 

Another stunning magnet here is Janapada Loka and Kanva reservoir which is widespread as bird-watching and fishing spots. Separated from the temple, there are other enticing trekking locations near Bangalore; the Revana Siddeshwara Betta and Ramadevara cliffs in Ramanagra are the greatest ones. This spot is also renowned for stone climbing which lures tourists in considerable digits throughout the year.

2 Kunti Betta

Kunti Betta is another scenic cliff discovered in the Mandya neighborhood in the state of Karnataka. It is popularly named Pandavapura, as it was the location of the expulsion of Pandavas in the epic Mahabharata. Kunti betta is flawless for a journey of night trekking in Bangalore and consists of two cliffs. It is reasonable one-day trekking around Bangalore, taking about 2 hours to contact the canopy from the ground.

Kunti Betta also has a well-known temple with a pond at the foothill which is famous among pilgrims. From the correct side of the pond, this woodland trekking near Bangalore commences. The place abounds in overgrown vegetation, paddy domains, and coconut trees. The considerable valuable time for visiting Kunti Betta is between October and May. Lastly, there is a prominent Thonnur Lake, about 4 km from the cliff which suggests another eye-soothing vista in this hiking area close to Bangalore.

3 Channarayana Durga

The Channarayana Durga is a hilltop found in Madhugiri near the Tumkur district in Karnataka. It models at a staggering stature of 1138 m and is a prominent cliff fort trekking around Bangalore. The Channarayana Durga trek proposes a combination of pastoral hills and flavorings and therapeutic plants to be sighted along the way. A welcoming presence for the irritated stares! This fort was constructed in the 17th century and is uncovered about 100 km from the primary city of Bangalore.

You can effortlessly resemble the fort by bringing a trail from Bangalore to Tumkur. This cliff fortress also has the well-known historic Maratha fort climbed on its canopy and brings nearly half a day to terminate the entire trek to the hilltop. It has an average hardship status and is quite an attractive trek as it has no signboards along the way. These short treks almost to Bangalore can be an enriching venture offering a wealthy legacy and artistic significance to the journey.

4 Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta Trek

The Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta is a widespread hill discovered in the Kanakpura village in Karnataka and is among the renowned daytime treks about Bangalore. The trek is discovered at a length of 1500 m and is on the Kanakapura Road, about 75 km from Bangalore. The most prominent interest here is the white stone at the canopy of the hill, from where it emanates the name, as ‘Bili’ guides to white in Kannada. It is a combination of fluffy and adventurous routes.

The tour begins from Konala Doddi, approximately 6 km from Bilikal Betta, and has an intermediate hardship group. Another interest here is the well-known temple at the shelter reserved for Lord Rangaswamy which is herded by pilgrims throughout the year. This problematic tour around Bangalore yields pastureland with scenic vistas of the surrounding cliffs in the Kanakpura scope from the hilltop. Lastly, the most acceptable moment to frequent this trekking around Bangalore is the post-monsoon period.

5 Turahalli forest trek

The Turahalli woodland tour is the excellent escape you require to flow from the disorder of the city. It is found on the Kanakpura road, just 20 km from the city of Bangalore. It is considered to be the singular grove staying in the city and is the greatest of foliage and scanty herbage. This grove trekking around Bangalore is discovered at a height of 888 m and abounds in a variety of flora and fauna everywhere.

The Turahalli woods has massive stone boulders which present a panoramic sight for modelling and unwinding, connecting photographs as nicely as stone climbing.  The immaculate moment to call this attractive woodland tour is post-monsoon time. Make an agenda to want this deciduous grove to savor wilderness and obtain some experience too in this 1-day excursion around Bangalore.

Uttari Betta 

One of Bangalore’s most acceptable hiking tracks, the Uttari Betta is a 5 km promenade across a stunning leafy verdant terrain that delivers a remarkable panoramic panorama comparable to that of Western Ghats. The stroll begins from a miniature town, documents the fort wall, and passes through seven doors of stone to resemble the central matter of the walk which has a temple of Sankareswari at the shelter. The vista from the temple top is attractive and adequate to carry your senses to a juncture. Once we scratch the temple, the tour resumes forward scratching a miniature wilderness shelter, participating in a completely unknown surprising globe, and ends at the plateau shelter of the cliff which is enclosed by massive boulders. 

After spending some period at the shelter with undersized talks close to the campfire, appreciating the sundown, and behind some duration, we form to tumble back towards the underpart juncture of the walk.

Not only is this excursion a dandy master of picturesque panoramas. But it also transports you with the historic fortress separators and complicated rock stages. An intriguing verity is that this cliff fortification is said to have eight gateways from the ground to the summit in an addendum to the supplementary several external entrances. 

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