Offbeat Places to Visit in South Goa



South Goa Undiscovered (Discovering its very corners of the place of South Goa) 

South Goa features a collection of must-see Goan attractions. It includes relaxing locations, Portuguese history, and breathtaking sights. South Goa would captivate you with its churches, beaches, waterfalls, and caves. Consider out this list of South Goa’s undiscovered gems!

Goa’s Cola Beach

Cola beach, popularly referred as ‘Khola’ beach, is one of very few famous beaches which provides visitors the much quieter of circumstances, with a position concealed first from popular gaze, presenting Goa’s natural features at its best.

Beach of Betul

Betul Beach seems to be a tranquil and quiet beach near South Goa, close to Mobor Beach. This lovely beach is situated near the Sal River’s delta, providing a stunning view of something like the calm ocean. Soft shimmering sand lines the beach, which is bordered with rising fruit trees and swinging palms. Betul Beach is framed by the Western Ghats’ mountains, which provide a 360-degree scenic picture.

This beach does seem to have a tiny lagoon. A trip down the magnificent shoreline towards the Betul lighthouse seems likely to renew your respect for this natural wonder. The spectacular Betul fort, which is positioned on such a ridge overlooking the Southern shore, may also be seen from this point. Because Betul is indeed a fishing town, there are so many fishing boats and marine fishing vessels moored near the beach. Beach dwellings are not as common as they are in Goa, thus this is a bit unusual and more serene beach. The seafood, on the other hand, is fantastic, with almost all of Goa’s largest and most successful mussels being discovered in this.

Buddhist Caves of Rivona

Buddhist monks have been thought to already have lived in the Rivona Caves between the 6th and 7th century. The ‘pitha,’ which could have acted as little more than a throne for the instructor, can be seen in the caverns. The caverns are evidence that Buddhism was once quite popular in Goa. You must first get to Rivona, then travel towards the caverns. The caves’ entrance gate is tiny, but then once entering, the detailed artistry on the walls would captivate you.

Waterfalls of Netravali

Netravali Waterfalls has been one of Goa’s greatest and most beautiful waterfalls, spanning 211 square kilometers of restricted terrain. The waterfalls are protected against commercialization because they are located within a nature reserve. It is indeed a famous tourist site in Goa, with weekends being particularly busy.

Beach of Galgibaga

Galgibaga Beach has become one of Goa’s finest and amazing beaches, situated in Cancona, South Goa, mostly on shores of the Galgibag River. This is one of three beaches in Goa recognized to have become a breeding spot for Olive Ridley turtles, especially adding towards its stunning features. This immaculate beach is frequently referred to as being one of India’s finest beaches.

The kilometer-long shoreline, which is covered in lush vegetation and seems to have a diverse terrain, has an unexpected twist towards the southern side, in which the Galgibaga river meets the Arabian Sea. Galgibaga Beach has hardly any beachfront wooden huts because it is hardly a popular vacation destination.

Church of Three Kings

The Three Kings Church as well as being among Goa’s most haunting locations, because along with its eerie surroundings. The cathedral was founded in 1599 by Fr Gonzalo Carvalho S.J. atop the Cuelim hull’s summit. Many travelers visit the Chapel to escape the boredom of Goa’s beaches and nightlife.

The church lies near Cansaulim and may be visited after just a leisurely ride across South Goa’s beautiful green Ghats. The church’s premises provide a panoramic perspective of the beautiful scenery everywhere throughout. This is a spot worth the visit because of the 360-degree sight of the water, the pleasant air, as well as the endless vegetation.

The cathedral is especially known for organizing the Feast of the Three Kings Chapel, which takes place each year on January 6th and honors the three kings’ revelation.

Goa’s Rajbagh Beach

The Rajbagh beach, which takes its title from the nearby famed Rajbagh Residency, having long been regarded as being one of Goa’s nicest and healthiest beaches. The beach is located in The southern part of Goa and boasts a 1 kilometer wide coastline that provides a relaxing beach experience. It is one of South Goa’s most beautiful beaches, situated in the Canacona area.

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