Kids Games for ages of 3-4 years

Kids Games

Kids Games

Kids Games are important in children’s lives; they are their main source of learning and should be the basis of everything around them. Children discover the world around them by playing in their environment and familiarity. It even shows them how to live socially with others, helps them find family responsibilities, and allows them to develop their skills.

At each age, games should be tailored to the age of the children because at each level; they have different needs and activities that need to be adjusted. Create new challenges so that they do not lose interest and that each time the game involves increasing growth in every way. Here are some tips for kids games for 3-4 years of age. always full of curiosity.

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The kids Games for 3 and 4 Years

1. puzzles and brain teasers

2. Obstacles Courses

3. Game of Thrones

4. English is hidden without moving the arms or legs

Kids Games for ages 3 and 4

It is an age full of fun, where children already have some physical and emotional skills, can maintain concentration, and feel motivated by the idea of ​​solving problems. Children between the ages of three and four have a passion for living adventures and discovering the cause of things and everything around them. To help them with this journey, you can use the following games for kids games from 5 to 14.

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puzzles and brain teasers

At any age, it is fun to do puzzles, from the most important mysteries of four baby puzzles to the large and full of endless pieces designed for adults. Puzzling is a problem that everyone should live with and especially children. Because when doing puzzles, you develop skills such as looking, working with eye-catching organization, skills, or good thinking. kids games are an important source of learning for childerns.

Barriers Courses

If the sport requires exercise, it is more fun because children have a lot of energy to burn daily. For a game to have all the keys to a training activity, it must include a part of physical activity, one mental disorder, and another that provides for team play. You can do everything with the course of obstacles by adjusting to the child’s age and ability.

An emotional Kids games

Learning to recognize emotions is important for children to accurately understand each other’s controls. For this game, you will need face-to-face cards with different characters; they must show emotions such as happiness, fear, anger, sadness, or love. With different colors, you will get numbers to represent completely. Use the cards to let the children learn how the picture sounds in terms of its expressions.

In English, it is hidden without moving the arms or legs.

A lifelong game of trying with the patience of young people. The league should stand with its back to everyone and start repeating the key line. When you say, “there is English hiding without moving hands or feet,” children will be able to get closer and move. But at the end of the sentence, the league will turn around, and everyone should be quiet and not moving.

Please take advantage of every game to work on being frustrated with kids because it’s a great way to work with them and control that feeling. We often prevent children from getting angry because it is not good if they end up yelling at everyone who has a bad time. But if a child does not know how to control his emotions, his adult life can be very difficult.

With love and patience, it is easy to learn such valuable lessons. That is why playing is the best way to teach children. Because without fun, there is no motivation, and at only three or four years, the only thing a child needs is to enjoy learning and playing.

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