Your Guide to Managing Adult Blemishes & Dark spots

Summary: Dark spots or adult blemishes are often considered to be the bane of beautiful, healthy skin. Not only are adult blemishes indicative of an underlying health issue, but they can also impact your self-esteem and confidence. As a result, it is advisable to nip adult blemishes right in the bud with the right treatment. By identifying the root cause behind your skin blemishes, it will be easier to identify the right treatment method. If you choose the right skincare regime and take care of your skin, it is only a matter of time before you get back your radiant skin once again. Read Your Guide to Managing Adult Blemishes & Dark spots.

Our faces are the gateway to our emotions. Naturally, any marks or blemishes on our faces can be unnerving. As an adult, you can get skin blemishes anywhere on your body. Mainly, dark spots tend to occur on the facial skin, arms, back, and shoulders. If you are also suffering from adult blemishes, read on to know the perfect dark spot solution for all your skin troubles.

Your Guide to Managing Adult Blemishes & Dark spots

What causes adult blemishes?

To be able to treat your skin’s dark spots better, it is crucial to know the reasons why it is happening. Any spot or patch on your skin that is different from and a darker shade than your normal skin tone can be regarded as a dark spot. Generally, dark spots tend to take a light brown or dark brown hue. They can be tiny specks or cover considerable surface area, depending on the cause. 

Let us take a look at some of the common reasons behind skin blemishes and the corresponding dark spot solution:

  • Exposure to sun: High exposure to the sun can lead to liver spots. These spots are generally seen on your face, arms, neck, and chest region. Sunspots are the main reason why sunscreen for acne-prone skin is considered to be an absolute must.
  • Inflamed wounds: Inflammation is the primary evil behind most adult skin blemishes. Be it acne, psoriasis, or eczema, an inflamed patch of skin tends to darken as it heals. These blemishes can be extremely stubborn and need a targeted dark spot solution.
  • Diabetes: Diabetes can often lead to velvety skin patches called acanthosis nigricans. It can also lead to diabetic dermopathy and lead to skin dark spots. Hence, keeping a check on your sugar levels can be helpful in avoiding adult dark spots.
  • Hormonal changes: Hormonal changes can cause skin blemishes via skin breakouts and inflammation. Further, it can lead to melasma, particularly in women during pregnancy. This can contribute to skin discoloration.

What can you do to manage dark spots on your skin?

Having adult blemishes on your skin can be disheartening. It can impact your confidence and self-esteem. However, there is no reason to despair. There is more than one effective way to treat skin spots and heal them over time. Let us take a look at some of these methods:

Be cautious out in the sun: 

Protecting your skin from the harsh sun rays is crucial. You should try and stay in the shade as much as possible to let your skin heal on its own. You can try using an oversized hat or an umbrella if you happen to go out in the sun. Further, you must remember to put on sunscreen for acne-prone skin at all times. A sunscreen with higher SPF can protect your skin against liver spots. 

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Consult a qualified dermatologist: 

Going to a dermatologist with your skin problems can help you get quicker and more effective solutions. Often, dermatologists can also offer treatments like chemical peeling, cryotherapy, and microdermabrasion. These can help your skin look better over several sessions.

Be patient when it comes to results: 

Remember that it takes time for your skin to heal. So it is very important to stick to your dark spot-correcting products and treatments. Stopping midway can aggravate your skin condition further. It typically takes 2-4 months of prolonged treatment for your skin to show visible changes when it comes to dark spots.

Use skin products with Vitamin C: 

Vitamin C is a proven dark spot solution. Studies have proved that Vitamin C is vital in skin lightening. It can help fight hyperpigmentation and be effective in removing those stubborn adult blemishes. Hence, using skincare products that incorporate Vitamin C can be helpful.

Go for quality skincare products: 

Last but not least, it is about building a healthy and effective skincare regime that can help your skin. Using quality products free of parabens, dyes, and artificial fragrances can help your skin to no end. Right from your morning face wash to night-time moisturizer, build a skincare set that suits our skin and is targeted at adult blemish removal.

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