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Staying in a hostel is always a first for every budget traveller.Whether you’re a frequent flier or a first-timer abroad,hostels make an excellent place to base yourself when exploring a new area,Which offers a great combination between affordability and fun.But if you have never stayed in a hostel,you may have a lot of questions in your mind,Like whether it is safe to stay in hostel or not or whether you will be comfortable or not.And you must have heard about hostel culture and wondered if it is only for party people and young crowd?Well,when it comes to hostels let’s break down some facts and myths and give you some great travel tips with these 10 things to do,Everything you need to know about hostel stay for the first time.


What kind of person are you and you should have an idea before booking the respective type of hostel…Do you prefer the atmosphere of the party, sociable but not rowdy,quiet,workaholic,or peace and quiet?At the beginning of this article, I mentioned that some hostels offer different vibes.Some party are hostel;Some are peaceful and quiet;Some are open to digital nomads who are working or studying in the area.The bottom line is that one person’s idea of ​​the “best hostel” may be a terrible time for another.I may have fallen out of phase with that,but I really don’t want to live in a dorm where bass hits until three in the morning.And sticky beer has to wake up to the floor.But it can be your thing,and that’s totally cool!You probably already instinctively know which hostel best suits your personality or maybe you just want to stand out from your specific scene?And want to try new things (also the primary motivation for traveling), which can help you decide what kind of hostel to book.Most hostels brand themselves as a party hostel or a surf hostel or whatever,But in any case,you can also check it out in their write-ups or reviews to get an idea of ​​the vibe.


Try to read at least some of the many reviews that will give you some great knowledge off the ground.Don’t bother with one or two negative reviews and instead weigh in on the collective of good reviews

3. Adventure:-

A good hostel gives you a lot of options to explore. Knowledgeable local staff can help you select the appropriate activities, excursions and tours;Often they lead you, or guide you, to places you would never find yourself…And other guests(Your new pals) will show you around and tell you about the locations they’ve visited.


The hostel is great for those who like to go with flexible times of flow, relaxed schedules,organized activities or lazy lounges -It’s totally up to you what you do! Choose what you want to do,and when.Stay up all night and party,Or put ear plugs till morning and snore.Sleep full morning,or wake up early for a yoga session and healthy breakfast,Then ride to the beach.Eat out,cook whatever you want,cook whenever you want,or join in on a meal with others -One of the great benefits of hostel life is that if you can’t cook,you’ll almost always find a new friend who can!Most importantly,enjoy the vibe,and relax


A good hostel provides lockers for the guests and will have a security system for locking rooms and dorms.There are always people around,So you can go out for a safe day in the knowledge that your assets are safe.If you’re traveling alone and want the security of being in a group or having a travel buddy,So you can definitely find people in a similar situation that you can connect with and search together.


A good hostel would be placed in a location which is friendly to the customers.This means there will be easier transportation options (public transport and/or transfers provided by the hostel).And there will usually be shops, restaurants and bars within walking distance.Obviously,depending on whether you want to live in a busy city center,Or in a peaceful place where you can sit back and avoid the crowds,choose your hostel accordingly and look forward to the experience.We are proud of the services and good spirit in our hostel and we know from the comments,feedback,people returning to us and the big smiles that we look around,That most of our visitors love the atmosphere and have a great time.,We are also constantly improving and making hostels for living even better place.So, if you have any suggestions or can add to this list what makes a good hostel (especially ours) such a good place to stay,So please let us know–send us an email or come and tell us a beer on the Roof!

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