Secrets of a Digital Marketing Agency

If you’re looking to grow your online presence, there are many different ways to do it. From content marketing to paid ads, there are no shortage of tactics available to you. To help you choose the best options, here are some secrets from top digital marketing agencies and what they mean for your campaign.

Confessions from an ex-director

I’m David, and I’ve spent my fair share running digital marketing agencies. For years, I put on a suit every day and sat in front of clients convincing them that I knew what was best for their business.

Measuring progress

Accurate reporting and measurement are vital to running an effective digital marketing campaign. Without them, you’re running blind—and at risk of wasting valuable time and resources. For example, instead of launching an ad campaign that you hope will drive sales on your e-commerce site, turn on conversion tracking in Google Analytics (or whatever analytics program you use) to collect real data around how those ads are converting visitors into buyers.

Getting the best out of your team

It can be easy to get so caught up in your own workload that you forget to recognize and encourage your team members. If you’re ever struggling to do so, remember that it’s not enough to just tell them they did a good job—you need to make sure you let them know why, too. This will not only help them improve upon what they did well, but it will also give them even more motivation for future projects.

Do I need an intern?

If you’re new to digital marketing, here’s one of those tricky questions that doesn’t have an easy answer: do I need an intern? Since SEO agencies handle large-scale work, it would seem like they would need to be staffed by several people – but sometimes one is enough. The first step is figuring out what type of help you actually need; it could be that you don’t need any intern at all.

Why B2B is better than B2C

If you’re wondering why B2B business is more desirable than B2C, you’re not alone. While most people would rather choose to buy products they need and use in their everyday lives than decide which enterprise software is best for an entire company, there are several reasons why businesses choose to focus on B2B marketing as opposed to B2C. To understand why, let’s compare these two audiences and see how their needs differ.

How to find clients outside your network

Start by making your business visible to potential clients. Use business directory sites like Yelp, Merchant Circle and Angie’s List to get your name out there in front of customers. You can also join local business organizations and online forums related to your area of expertise. These websites provide opportunities for networking, promoting yourself and gaining new clients.

When should you charge more?

What makes one digital marketing agency worth more than another? If you want to charge your clients more, it’s all about making yourself stand out. Here are three ways to do just that

The good, bad and ugly clients

There are several types of clients out there, and these can change based on what you’re selling. When it comes to digital marketing, you’ll likely find good and bad clients.

Looking back on mistakes made in business

No matter how well-planned your new business is, there’s no telling what can happen along your journey to success. It might take longer than you thought it would or be harder to achieve than you initially planned—but that’s okay! Mistakes are par for course and offer invaluable lessons in self-growth and development. We asked entrepreneurs about some of their biggest blunders, then boiled down their answers into one inspirational piece for you to read.


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