Who is responsible for cleaning the unwanted pests in the apartment

No one likes to have pests in their apartments or property, including the landlords and the tenants. If not cleaned properly, unwanted pests can create a lot of troubles like infections, allergies, or even certain kinds of diseases. Thus, pest control is necessary for all apartments, rented houses, and other related properties. In this article, we’ll read about Who is responsible for cleaning the unwanted pests in the apartment?  There are several tools you can use to calculate your investment needs and goals such as fire calculator and prorated rent calculator

The pest problem has become a common issue in rental houses, and it can also lead to a conflict between the tenants and the landlords. The main problem which creates the conflict is regarding the responsibility to get rid of the unwanted pests. This article will provide a solution that shows the responsible person for pest control in a rental apartment. 

What is pest control in rental apartments?

Pest controlling is the process of removing pests from the apartment, like rats, cockroaches, fleas, ants, wasps, spiders, etc. In general, pest control can be described as controlling or managing pests efficiently. 

Who is responsible for pest control in a rental apartment?

The question of who is responsible for pest control in a rental apartment can have different answers. Mostly, this causes conflict between the landlords and tenants in making decisions. Pests may appear in the rental apartment at any time during the tenancy period. Thus, pest control must be done by either the tenant or the landlord, as mentioned in the lease agreement. Some places have certain laws which enforce the health and safety of the residential properties to their owners, while in some other places, the tenants must keep the place clean. 

Based on the lease agreement 

The lease agreement is a document in which both the tenant and landlord has made certain terms and condition regarding the rented property. Not all rent agreements include details showing responsibility for pest control, but there are some wherein the details will be provided. So based on the agreement, either the tenant or the landlord can clean the unwanted pests in the apartment. 

Landlords’ responsibility in pest controlling

It is the responsibility of the landlord to provide a healthy rental apartment to the tenant. The tenant can make sure that the apartment is completely free from pests like rats, mice, and termites while moving in. So, if the tenant finds the presence of any pests during the time of moving in, the landlord must provide a solution. 

  • To comply with habitability standards and building code.
  • Take immediate action for problems regarding pests.
  • Repairing entrance points (if any problems are caused from there)
  • To know pest-related issues from all the tenants (helps them to know if the action of a particular tenant causes the pest problem). 
  • Take necessary actions with pest control professionals if necessary.
  • Take care of pests such as ants, bees (and wasps), cockroaches, fleas, and snakes present at the start of the tenancy. 
  • Avoid the presence of animals like birds, possums, and snakes (if any have entered the apartment because of the landlord’s breach in maintaining the conditions of the agreement). It can also be caused by broken or damaged entry points, which is the duty of the landlord to repair it.  
  • Cleaning the rental apartment from termites is usually the duty of the landlord during the whole tenancy period. 

Tenants’ responsibility in pest controlling 

While the landlord holds responsibility at the beginning, it is the responsibility of the tenant to maintain the apartment clean. If the presence of pests was caused because of the unhealthy acts and cleanliness of the tenants, then they will have to clean the apartment. The tenants must make sure that everything is kept clean, including storing the food safely. So, they must follow the terms provided in the property condition report and the maintenance preferred in it. 

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  • Reporting the landlord about the pest problem immediately (if not caused by their actions).
  • Keep the apartment or rental property clean enough to avoid pests.
  • Remove wastes effectively by taking measures.
  • Report the landlord for any damage in the apartment through which the pests are entering the residence. 
  • Take care of all the pests like ants, bees, cockroaches, and rats if their presence was caused because of the tenant’s acts during the tenancy. 

Based on the laws and the tenancy acts 

The tenancy laws and acts of different places vary accordingly. Thus, based on these laws, it might be the duty of the tenant to clean the property (for pest control), while it can also be the responsibility of landlords. 

Why is it necessary to clean rental apartments from pests?

Getting rid of pests is one of the important things to do in all places, whether it is a rental apartment, home, shop, or any other place. Pests can create many troubles, and if not handled carefully, they can cause infections or diseases. Some of the important points that show the need for pest control are the following.

  • Pests can create allergies, infections, and related troubles. 
  • It spoils food items and spreads diseases.
  • Damages household items (mainly rats).
  • Creates nuisances and other related problems. 

Precautions for pest control in rental apartments 

  • Keep all the places clean (mainly the bathroom and kitchen).
  • Avoid stagnant or standing water at all costs. 
  • Try to keep fruits and vegetables covered.
  • Clean and maintain the garden regularly.
  • Keep checking for pests and take necessary care based on the issue. 
  • Use pest controllers like insect killers whenever necessary. 

With all these security measures, one will be able to control the pests effectively. To get the best rental property, the tenant must check for the presence of pests in the apartment at the beginning. On the other hand, the landlord must hold inspections to avoid the presence of pests. 


Effective pest control is necessary to maintain all the places in a healthy way (including rental apartments). Many people are not able to find who is responsible for cleaning unwanted pests in a rental apartment. This article will surely help them in finding an answer to that question. The responsibilities of both the landlords and the tenants (regarding pest controlling) are provided here in detail. 

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