Best Camping Sites in Jaisalmer – The Golden City



Tucked away amidst golden sand dunes and a mesmerizing oasis with the most beautiful views of sunrise and sunset , Jaisalmer is the best place to be. Also known as The Golden City , the Jaisalmer Palace is a must visit destination. There are many places here for you and your family to visit for the summer vacation or just a quick trip. Camping is the best thing to do here with friends and family for the desert life experience. Some basic activities to do in these sand dunes are jeep safari , camel safari , local folk dance programs and an entire DJ music night to sway in rhythm. 

Best time to visit

The best time to visit the area would be anywhere in autumn and winters of Rajasthan , i.e , from October to March. The entire experience is very memorable and will be a part of you forever. Summer must be avoided at any cost as the temperatures at the time are soaring high and start from April to mid August. 

In this article , I am going to make your job a lot easier by giving you some options about the best accommodation for camping in Jaisalmer. 

Rajputana Desert Camp – 

Opened up in 2014 , this place is the most popular and frequently visited among tourists. It starts from INR 3000 per night and has around 35 tents with an absolutely luxurious stay. Adventure activities of various sorts are also available but have to be booked prior. An AC cottage costs around INR 5500 per night and will be provided with free breakfast and dinner , free parking and charging ports.

The Serai Camp –  

Located only 30 kms away from the main area of Thar Desert , this place has 21 spacious tents and will give you the richest , luxurious experience so far. There are 3 tents/suites you can choose from – 

  1. Tented suites : INR 32,500 per night
  2. Luxury tented suites : INR 45,000 per night
  3. Royal Tent : INR 70,000 per night

Some amenities include free breakfast and dinner , spa treatment , private dance area , swimming pools , game tables and many more. Some additional facilities include a sunken pool , garden area and private swimming pools too. 

Prince Desert Camp – 

Set in the backdrop of Sam Sand Dunes , this place gives you an experience that none other gives with its surreal night walks and morning walks that will let you admire the real beauty of the place. The food there is a must try that has a lot of local Rajasthani food for you to try. There are no separate rooms here , the stay is mostly in tents. The price in this place ranges from INR 7000 per night. Camel safari and Jeep safari are a few common things that many indulge in. There is also a great option of activities to choose from and cultural programs to attend to for your entertainment. 

Rawal Desert Camps – 

Till now we’ve come across tents , suites but this one desert camp has a different style of accommodation altogether. These desert camps have mud cottages which is a great way to experience village lifestyle and is extremely budget friendly. The mud cottages start from around INR 4000 per night and the luxurious tents start from INR 7000 per night. 

They also arrange a bonfire at night which is a great way to spend time in the evenings with family and friends. There is a huge conference hall , outdoor sport areas and Yoga centers that are open throughout the morning hours. 

Damodra Desert Camp – 

I can assure that you will have the most amount of fun and satisfaction around this place as it is located slightly away from both the main camping area and the desert area. This place is less crowded and you can enjoy and indulge in all the activities at ease. There are only 10 tents hence you must pre book them well in advance to get a nice place to stay in. These camps provide an entire package which costs around INR 10,000 per night that includes all three meals , visit to the local village for some interaction with the locals and a camel safari. Towards the night , there are many cultural programs being held for all the visitors and many performances by professionals to watch. 

These campsites are among a few of the best around the area with a good rating. However there are many more which are amazing and budget friendly , do check those out too if you have time!

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