A Complete Guide About Amazon Attribution

Amazon Attribution

With the help of Amazon Attribution, companies are now able to assess the influence of display, search, social media, video channels, and email based on how customers find, investigate, and purchase their products on Amazon. The majority of American consumers have long preferred Amazon for their purchasing needs, but up until recently, it was exceedingly difficult for brands to evaluate the efficiency of outside traffic sources on Amazon. As an Amazon seller it is important to know about what is amazon attribution

By providing brands that sell on Amazon with the information they need to increase their spending on advertising outside of Amazon, Amazon Attribution changes this. An innovative measurement tool called Amazon Attribution offers firms that sell on Amazon analysis of the influence of their sales on media outlets outside of Amazon. 

Amazon attribution’s on-demand reporting gives companies and advertisers the information they need to improve their media campaigns and boost sales. This new function, according to Amazon, also gives a thorough overview of how each marketing strategy affects a brand’s Amazon shopping behavior.

Understanding Amazon Attribution

In order to use Amazon Attribution, you must:

  • A US Amazon vendor 
  • US Amazon seller who is the brand owner (brand registered)
  • Coming soon: UK and EU growth!

It is possible to record orders and income for traffic coming from sources other than Amazon using Amazon Attribution (Beta). It can track both direct traffic to Amazon and traffic to a website that afterwards converts on Amazon. Nearly any source of traffic may be measured with Amazon Attribution, including rich media and paid social channels like Facebook and Instagram. Brands can develop distinctive tracking templates by creating orders and line items, and performance can be measured to any desired level of granularity.

Using Amazon Attribution for Brands

  • Analyze the influence of Amazon sales on sales to gain understanding of the effectiveness of advertising channels.
  • Enhance: On-demand attribution reporting enables in-flight improvement.
  • Plan: To help develop future marketing plans that might maximize ROI, examine channel performance and pertinent Amazon audience segment insights.

What metrics can you Track with Amazon Attribution?

Once your “Attribution tags”-containing paid advertisements, blogs, social media posts, emails, etc. are up, you’ll be able to monitor the following actions that individuals perform as tracked by those tags, by campaign, and by ASIN:

  • Views of Amazon Detail Pages 
  • Shopping cart additions

As a result, you’ll be able to pinpoint which of your off-Amazon marketing initiatives are bringing in the most visitors, resulting in the most sales, and which are a waste of time and money.

You won’t have to rely on guesswork anymore because you will be fully aware of which strategies to scale and which to kill, which channels are producing the most results so that you can concentrate your efforts on the winners, and which Off-Amazon marketing initiatives are generating a profit and which ones are draining your bank account. Additionally, you’ll be able to test each component and improve your outcomes because you’ll know precisely where clients are exiting your funnel.

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